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Links & Product Ideas

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Things we actually use and recommend!

Helpful Info Links

o Cat Food Rating Site:

o Clipping Nails – With Pictures and Video:

o A Great Source of Veterinary Info (Not to replace your vet!) -

Stuff We Like and Actually Use (we can personally say these things are or have been in our house!)


o Dry Food (We do not feed fish products):

o Wet Food (if not using Raw):

o Our Fave Raw Mix Recipe, Guide, and Videos:

o Treats For Bathtime/Grooming

Litter Box Materials

o High Sided Litter Box

o High Sided Litter Box with low entry (great for kittens!)

o Low Sided Sifting Litter Pan

Other Handy Things

o Vittle Vault Food Storage (ants LOVE cat food!)

o Pet Stain/Odor Remover (great for toddlers too! J)

o Travel Carrier (most airlines approved)

o First Aid Styptic Powder


o Roller Ball Scratch Toy (Household favorite!)

o Wire Teaser Cat Wand (our cats love this and can’t chew through the wire!)

o Large cat trees (these are 2 that we have as examples. The “Go Pet Club” trees have been awesome!)

o Cat Tunnel/Bed (bigger than you’d expect, FYI)

Favorite Grooming Supplies

o Double Sided Pet Brush


o Colloidal Silver (great for immune system, eyes, skin, etc)

o Pau d’arco (general immune Support)

Splurge Item for People with Allergies

o Coway Airmega Purifier:

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