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Feeding Raw - BARF?

I hope you've landed on this page because you're interested in learning more about feeding raw to your cat (but don't forget about your pup!) If that's the case- you're starting in a great place!

This type of feeding is called the BARF method.. Lovely- right? But it actually stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding”!

I hope you find this page a helpful starting point to your learning. 

Short Story

We switched to raw after months of research and various minor health instances in our cats that we felt could be improved by getting away from a processed diet. Afterall, it's not great for humans to eat processed foods, right? So we wanted to hold our cats to a higher standard. 

For years now, in my cattery I wean all of my kittens onto an all raw meat diet starting at 4 weeks old. I recommend a raw diet for any cat unless there is a very clear medical reason not to (which honestly- most medical issues can actually be eliminated by this type of diet.)


We make ours homemade which is by far the most cost effective AND we know what's in it. But if you're not able to do this, there are also great premade or freeze dried raw diets available!

Below, I've put together some of my top places to get people started in either jumping into making, or just to further start learning about feeding raw. 

Hope this is helpful to you and your kitty!

Feeding Links

My Favorite, Easy to Understand Raw Informational Website (Homemade Raw Recipes, Info, Research, + More):

Easy Raw Recipe:

Beef/Chicken Recipe (close to what we use!):

More great, straight forward Raw Videos:

Another Amazing Raw Information Resource:

A Note on Water:

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