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  Latest Update: May 29, 2024

Kittens Ready in June, July, and August!

2 Kitten Ready to go home now! Check out Available Kitten page

Summer colors: blue, lilac, black, bicolor, and tricolors


Kitten Inquiry

For Additional FAQ's, please see the dedicated FAQ page

  • What is the cost of a kitten?
    Prices: British Shorthair kitten prices are generally around $3500, Longhair $4000. I usually give this as a standard cost so that people are prepared for that price in case it's on their favorite kitten- but the range can be anywhere between 2700 and 3500 depending on color, structure, etc. We only breed the most beautiful cats and are very strategic about our pairings to produce amazing kittens. 100% of our cats have Champion (or higher) bloodlines and properly represent the International Cat Association's standards for British Shorthair. Price Also Includes: Age-appropriate vaccinations Precautionary deworming 1-year genetic health guarantee Trupanion pet insurance for their first month home (except NY) Special home scented blanket Raw food tray (if you're within 6 travel hours driving) Microchip if over age 15 weeks at go-home date Parental screening for PKD and HCM. Pet nanny service is available for additional cost. Please see the "Do you ship" section for information.
  • Is there a paid waitlist?
    It adds a lot of pressure to me to accept deposits for unborn kittens Once kittens are 5+ weeks, reservations are accepted. BUT If you're flexible on color/sex (example: open to calicos, torties, black), I am flexible to taking a deposit so you have a priority pick. Deposits accepted: black, calico, tortie, bicolor, usually blues and lilacs. No deposits before 5 weeks on: solid chocolate cinnamons Social media is also a great way to stay updated. Or please subscribe on the bottom of the page or submit a kitten inquiry form and I'll reach out when kittens are upcoming.
  • Do you ship? How do I pick up my kitten?
    We are located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. (Airport BNA) Personal Pickup is the most desirable way to transition kitten to his/her new parent. We do not ship kittens and would encourage future pet-parents to come pick up the kitten and fly back with kitten in cabin. This is the safest method for kitten to fly and will give you a forever memory of bringing home your newest family member. We are happy to meet you at the BNA airport or Nashville area before your flight.** I understand that sometimes this is not possible and can work with you to arrange in-person delivery. Our wonderful, experienced flight nanny will hand-carry your kitten on a flight and meet you at your nearest major airport. Your kitten will be with our nanny at all times from start to finish. Flight nanny expenses are the responsibility of the buyer and include: - - - courier delivery fee - round trip airfare to your nearest major airport - pet carry on fee of $150 charged by the airline - travel to BNA airport - flight approved pet carrier - and vet certificate (if required)*. These fees are separate from your kitten charge. The flight cost varies depending on your location, however the current average cost for nanny service with all expenses included is around $1,600. I can give you the exact price for your location once you are ready to have your kitten delivered. ​ While I do not ship internationally, I have sent kittens outside of the United States and I am happy to work with you on a case by case basis for international pick ups or courier services. **If your airline requires a vet certificate to fly, you must request this ahead of time as it is NOT a standard appointment and needs to be scheduled accordingly.
  • Is there a contract?
    YES - Because we care about the well being of our cats and kittens, we have a contract for ALL cats that we rehome- kittens and retired breeders alike. Our contract ensures that cats are being placed with loving families who intend to best provide for their needs. This is standard legal document that protects both buyer and seller and is required prior to picking up kitten and making final payment. Please review our contract before making any non-refundable deposits to make sure we are the right fit for you and your family. ​ Some of the things you'll find in our contract include: No declawing/demeowing Cat must be indoor cat Cage free home Pet must be spayed/neutered by 10 months of age (if you choose to do this yourself or we can do it before kitty goes home) No rehoming or shelters (we will ALWAYS accept our cats back!) ​ If you pay the deposit, it means that you agree with the contract and the rules that we have established. Please review for full Contract and don't hesitate to contact us with any and all questions.
  • How do I know you're not a scammer?
    Purchasing a kitten is a big decision! In a world full of scammers, we'd love to offer some peace about purchasing a kitten from our cattery and I understand this is a big purchase and it can feel concerning to trust people you don't know online. I have many references and social media accounts FULL of happy pet parents. Please consider reaching out to some of those who we follow to ask about their experience. Here are some things to consider about us: 1. We have thousands of followers and at least 4 years worth of social media history you can scroll back through and find endless beautiful pictures/videos of our cats through those years. You'll see the same cats over and over which should tell you they aren't just google search images! 2. 90% of the people we follow on the royallybritishcats instagram account are people who won our cats or catteries we personally work with. Any others are kitten lovers like you and waiting for their upcoming kitten on our waitlist! You can reach out to most of them and they'd probably even reply if you have questions about our legitimacy (but please be respectful if you choose to reach out). 3. We're a registered cattery with TICA in Tennessee. In fact, we're the ONLY registered British Shorthair breeder in Tennessee, despite the false (PAID!) ads on TICA's website. Here is our TICA page. 4. We show our cats with TICA and have awards and titles to prove it. You can even see some of our 2022 standings that are posted to TICA's British Shorthair standings. Search for "RoyallyBritish" and you'll see multiple cats of ours pop up. Our female Maka was shown ONCE in 2022 and still came in 3rd best in the SouthEast region and 29th best overall. We're super proud! 5. We're a recognized breeder by Show Cats Online and a handful of other smaller websites. If this isn't enough to reassure you, then we are probably just not going to be a good fit to work together!
  • I have a different question I can't find the answer to!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to look around for the answer to your question. If you haven't already, there are more FAQ's located on this page. If you still have an unanswered question, please email me at or find me on Instagram @RoyallyBritishCats

Kitten Inquiry Form

Please review the FAQ above before submitting. Cost related inquiries are discarded as all of this is already provided in the FAQ section.

To ensure that our kittens are going to receive love and care throughout their lives, we ask all potential pet parents to complete this questionnaire. Answering these as completely and honestly as possible will help us find the best fit for your lifestyle. 

I respond to inquiries as quickly as possible and my replies occasionally go to Spam so

PLEASE double check your spam folder if you don't get response within 3 weekdays. 

Inquiries are not reviewed over the weekend.

How soon are you wanting a kitten?
Are you planning to declaw? (Against our contract and considered animal cruelty)
How do you anticipate picking up kitten? (we can revisit if this changes)

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I respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, but I know they often go to spam folders -

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