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  • What is the general process to get an RBC kitten? Do I need to be on a waitlist?
    Our kittens go home between 13-16 weeks based on their readiness. You do not need to be on our waitlist to get a kitten; however, the majority of our kittens are reserved in advance. If you do not want to lose an opportunity to get your dream kitten, a deposit can be paid now to secure a spot in a an upcoming litter. Otherwise, get on our interest list to receive an email if we have kittens ​ About the Waitlist Option: Hold your place in line for upcoming litters and kitten selection. $500 non-refundable deposit that holds your place in line.* I will contact you for specific kitten reservation around 9-12 weeks old after the first vaccine. I ask for a response within one week before I offer kitty to the next person. If you are not ready to bring home kitty, your deposit will not be lost, but you will forfeit your position to the person behind you. Kittens generally go home at 13-16 weeks. We can happily hold a kitten longer than 16 weeks old provided payment has been made in full.​ 🐱 *A non-refundable deposit is one way of making sure people who approach us for kittens are serious about the commitment of taking one of our cats. In the event that we discontinue breeding, of course this is refunded to anyone who has not yet gotten a kitten. Otherwise, I will work with you to match your family with a wonderful kitten.
  • 6 Steps to Bringing Home a Kitten
    1. Submit an Inquiry. If you do not get a response within 3 weekdays, feel free to send me a follow up email to and/or check your spam folder. 2. Place a deposit if we're a good match and I offer you to join the waitlist, . 3. Reserve your Kitten. Kittens are available for reservation around 9 weeks of age after they get their first vaccine. You will receive an email/message in order of your position on the waitlist notifying you that the kittens are available for reservation with a link to a private webpage. All kittens available will be listed along with price, photo/video, description, estimated available date, and any other relevant information. I am happy to answer additional questions you may have to help you make a decision on a best fit kitten. 4. Plan for pickup. RBC kittens can start to go home after 14 weeks (sometimes as early as 12 weeks), please see our FAQ for more info regarding this. If you are local/able to drive, please work with us to plan for a meeting date. Kittens that will be flying to their new homes should not have flight reservations made prior to their turning 14 weeks as they may not have had their final vaccine quarantine yet. In addition, they are only to be flown in cabin with their new owner (you) or us/our flight nanny (RBC Cats) unless otherwise discussed. Kittens will only be released to the approved owner on the signed contract unless approved prior. 5. Get prepared. Go-Home day comes faster than you think, so I recommend pre-scheduling their first vet appointment and having food & litter items ready or ordered based on their upcoming arrival to avoid last minute scrambles. Kittens will need their 3rd/final round of FVRCP vaccine between 16 and 20 weeks so I suggest using their DOB to plan for this. Have a space ready for them to quarantine from other animals and to reinforce good litter box behaviors- don't forget, they're just babies! 6. Go home! The day has arrived, your kitten is coming home! Have a new and clean carrier just for them for their safe ride home. If you're going to get them insured by a company like Trupanion, go-home day is also the day to get this started!
  • What colors do you breed?
    While the majority of our kittens are Blue, we also get Black, Lilac, and Chocolate kittens regularly. We also occasionally have fawn, calico, tortie, and cinnamon, but not often enough for me to accept waitlist spots for these colors. In 2023, we plan to introduce cream and bicolor to our cattery. Please note- if a color is not listed here, I do not breed it so please no need to inquire in case I missed it.
  • How long is the wait?
    Generally 2-7 months While sometimes I do have kittens available, the average wait is 4-5 months or more if you're particular about the color/sex of the kitten you're hoping for. My priorities are to preserve the health of our cats , reduce stress, and ensure we have the time to properly care for the cats and sanitize their areas. I choose my pairings with great care and regard for my current cats and the future of their bloodlines. If you are interested in a kitten, please fill out our Kitten Inquiry form and we will get back to you! Our waitlist gets priority in kitten selection.
  • What are the payment options? How much is deposit?
    Deposit Info The deposit for the waitlist is $500, non-refundable deposit. Those with Paid Deposits will be offered kittens in the order in which they signed up, you may pass on a litter and retain your position on future litters. A non-refundable deposit is one way of making sure people who approach us for kittens are serious about the commitment of taking one of our cats. In the event that we discontinue breeding, of course this is refunded to anyone who has not yet gotten a kitten. Otherwise, I will work with you to match your family with a wonderful kitten. If you pay a deposit, it means that you agree with the contract and the rules that we have established. All forms of payment must clear in full before kitten can go home. Payments We trust the following for kitten payments: Zelle/Bank to Bank Transfer Money Order/Cashier's Check Personal Check (prior to pick up) Unlike some breeders, we do not offer financing for our kittens. A cat is a financial commitment and I believe that if you need to take a loan for a kitten, you are not ready. However, if you would like to secure a spot on our waitlist while you manage your funds, this is not a problem.
  • What is the cost of a kitten? Why are your kittens less/more than others?
    I do not know every breeder's prices (let alone backyard breeders), but I am competitive with those who have similar quality cats as us. We only breed the most beautiful cats and are very strategic about our pairings to produce amazing kittens. 100% of our cats have Champion (or higher) bloodlines and properly represent the standards of British Shorthair and are priced fairly based on this. Prices: Kitten prices range generally 2500-3600, up to 4000 for exceptional kittens. Pricing is based on color, overall appearance, health, bloodlines, color quality, temperament, & demand. Majority of kittens average $3000. If I have a kitten who is superior to their siblings by breed standards, they will be priced accordingly. All kittens will be fully vaccinated based on their age of going home which generally includes 2 rounds of FVRCP and biweekly deworming. Kittens over 5 months will be spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to leaving. All kittens leave with a 1 year health guarantee. Every cat from my cattery is pedigreed and fully registerable with TICA. **If you are interested in kitten with SHOW rights (keeping them unneutered), please note this in the inquiry. Costs start around 4000 for non-vetted kittens and we will only work with those who are willing to form a relationship with our cattery as a show requires kitten to remain intact.**
  • What age do your kittens go home?
    While there is no exact age, generally I release our kittens between 13 and 16 weeks old. We provide second vaccine usually at 12-13 weeks. Our pet parents can pick up kittens as early as one week later as reactions generally happen in the first 3 or 4 day & the average onset of immunity is 7-14 days post-vaccination.
  • Do you ship? How do I pick up my kitten?
    We are located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Personal Pickup is the most desirable way to transition kitten to his/her new parent. We do not ship kittens and would encourage future pet-parents to come pick up the kitten and fly back with kitten in cabin. This is the safest method for kitten to fly and will give you a forever memory of bringing home your newest family member. We are happy to meet you at the BNA airport or Nashville area. I understand that sometimes this is not possible and can work with you to arrange in-person delivery. Our wonderful, experienced flight nanny will hand-carry your kitten on a flight and meet you at your nearest major airport. Your kitten will be with our nanny at all times from start to finish. Flight nanny expenses are the responsibility of the buyer and include: $500 delivery fee, round trip airfare to your nearest major airport, pet carry on fee of $125 charged by the airline, travel to BNA airport, and airport parking. These fees are separate from your kitten charge. The flight cost varies depending on your location, however the current average cost for nanny service with all expenses included is around $1,200. We can give you the exact price for your location once you are ready to have your kitten delivered. ​ While I do not ship internationally, I have sent kittens outside of the United States and I am happy to work with you on a case by case basis for international pick ups or courier services.
  • Is there a contract?
    Because we care about the well being of our cats and kittens, we have a contract for ALL cats that we rehome- kittens and retired breeders alike. Our contract ensures that cats are being placed with loving families who intend to best provide for their needs. This is standard legal document that protects both buyer and seller and is required prior to picking up kitten and making final payment. Please review our contract before making any non-refundable deposits to make sure we are the right fit for you and your family. ​ Some of the things you'll find in our contract include: No declawing/demeowing Cat must be indoor cat Cage free home Pet must be spayed/neutered by 10 months of age (if you choose to do this yourself or we can do it before kitty goes home) No rehoming or shelters (we will ALWAYS accept our cats back!) ​ If you pay the deposit, it means that you agree with the contract and the rules that we have established. Please review for full Contract and don't hesitate to contact us with any and all questions.
  • How do I know you're not a scammer?
    I understand this is a big purchase and it can feel concerning to trust people you don't know! 1. We have thousands of followers and at least 4 years worth of social media history you can scroll back through and find endless beautiful pictures/videos of our cats through those years. You'll see the same cats over and over which should tell you they aren't just google search images! 2. 90% of the people we follow on the royallybritishcats instagram account are people who won our cats or catteries we personally work with. Any others are kitten lovers like you and waiting for their upcoming kitten on our waitlist! You can reach out to most of them and they'd probably even reply if you have questions about our legitimacy (but please be respectful if you choose to reach out). 3. We're a registered cattery with TICA in Tennessee. In fact, we're the ONLY registered British Shorthair breeder in Tennessee, despite the false (PAID!) ads on TICA's website. Here is our TICA page. 4. We show our cats with TICA and have awards and titles to prove it. You can even see some of our 2022 standings that are posted to TICA's British Shorthair standings. Search for "RoyallyBritish" and you'll see multiple cats of ours pop up. Our female Maka was shown ONCE in 2022 and still came in 3rd best in the SouthEast region and 29th best overall. We're super proud! 5. We're a recognized breeder by Show Cats Online and a handful of other smaller websites. If this isn't enough to reassure you, then we are probably just not going to be a good fit to work together!
  • I'm just not sure if we'll be a good fit
    Not on our waitlist but not sure if we're right for you? Purchasing a kitten is a big decision! Book a private, half-hour video call with us to help decide if we're a good fit for you/your family - $50. Meet the breeder and get to see some of the upcoming available kittens if they're born or the parents of upcoming litters. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the care required for a British Shorthair and to learn about our purchase process. In a world full of scammers, we'd love to offer some peace about purchasing a kitten from our cattery. If after the call, you choose to place a deposit, the fee for this call is taken off the deposit amount. Likewise, if I decide we won't be a good fit to work together, I will refund you this cost that you may apply it with a breeder who may be a better fit for you.
  • I'm interested in an older cat
    That is awesome! While I don't always have older cats available, my females retire around age 3-4 for their health and happiness. Occasionally I also have older kittens (4-8 months) that we may have been considering for breeding, but decide to send them to a pet home instead. Please subscribe to the website for updates on retiring cats or send me an email to see if we are nearing anyone retiring soon or have older kittens available. These equally wonderful cats generally cost a fraction of our typical costs to make sure they get the wonderful pet homes they deserve. Show males retire closer to the 5-7 year old range and go for higher cost. We have no current plans to retire any studs.
  • Why Choose You (RBC Cats)?
    We're not that backyard breeder you're worried about- we breed elite, Champion bloodline British Shorthair cats. I breed the most amazing cats and as a result I get the most amazing kittens. You are welcome to judge for yourself the quality of my cats and if they are to your personal liking, but I have never gone to a TICA show and not had a cat final. 100% of the adults in our cattery have Champion bloodlines and properly represent the standards of British Shorthair. If we suspect an issue, we spay/neuter without delay to avoid issues down the road instead of hoping for the best. I put a tremendous amount of capital and care into the well-being of my cats and kittens and know all of my cats as individuals. All of my cats and kittens are fed a 100% raw food diet which is biologically optimal for them. All of my breeding adults undergo genetic testing and HCM echocardiograms with a certified veterinary cardiologist to ensure we are not breeding defects. We strongly believe in outcrossing our lines to give us the best health and appearance and therefore never inbreed. We adhere to TICA's Voluntary Code Of Ethics and our cats health and safety are our top priorities. I believe that 90%+ of my 'pet' kittens could go to shows and gain a title, and I think this is a reflection of our hard work and love for them.
  • I have a different question I can't find the answer to!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to look around for the answer to your question. If you haven't already, there are more FAQ's located on this page. If you still have an unanswered question, please email me at or find me on Instagram @RoyallyBritishCats
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