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Letter From Your New Cat to Your Child

Hi there new sibling! I’m your new cat and I’d like to tell you a few things:

· Your house is brand new to me, so I am a bit nervous and shy.

· It will take me a few days to feel comfortable, so please be patient.

· Please don’t chase me; I will start to play when I feel more comfortable.

· I will learn about my new house by smelling everything.

· Because I’m new, I might run away from loud voices, noises and fast movements.

· Because I’m a bit nervous, I might hiss; that’s how I say, “I am scared.”

· I need quiet times just like you do, so I might find a hiding spot and take a nap.

· Please put my litter box in a quiet spot and let me use it alone.

· Please remember to pick up all my legs when you carry me or my tummy will hurt.

· I won’t mean to, but since I have claws I might scratch you if we play too much.

· I’m not sure where to sleep yet, so I might try a lot of places before I get comfortable.

· Please pet me gently and don’t pull my tail; I am small and can be hurt easily.

· Make sure you don’t let me outside. I don’t know where I live and I’ll get lost.

· Oh, and one last thing. Please remember to close the door to outside behind you. I’m naturally very curious!

I am so excited for us to become best friends!


Your New Kitty

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